Monday, January 10, 2011

Meaning of 777

I have decided it is time to probably tell at least some of my story. I have had strong doubts and reluctance to tell people of what I have known was true for years because...... my fear that people will not hear or see (but not for their own lack of ears or eyes). They would attack the messenger in their ignorance and hatred, but I speak the truth. I want my peace, I want for myself and my loved ones to be left alone and unharmed. I will provide an email address, and any person who wishes may contact me. I will offer my prayers to any who request it.

What is the 777 people have sensed universally is a number symbolic of holiness, foretelling something of the Anti-Christ? 777 is often inscribed as graffiti or implied as a contrasting symbol to the evil 666.
777 is used by people as though they know somewhere within, that it means something.

To simplify, the 777 is embodied in the life of an autistic child.

777 began with an autistic female child.

This truth by itself will be difficult for the establishment to accept I fear, for it will threaten those men who are renown for their mansions, luxury cars and tailor made suits and ties who acquired their wealth at the expense of the sympathies of widows and orphans, under the guise of supposedly being the "work of God". These men who deceive the masses to believe that only the priests and false prophets have a direct link to the throne of God whilst others... do not. They are wolves in sheep's clothing.

I will speak the truth as I know it. As God reveals in my heart to know the truth.

777 is Truth revealed by God, its beginning was many years ago through an autistic female child. The story I have yet to tell is true, some of which was documented in media. It is a nightmare, a journey through an earthly hell, a prison, a true story that no human being should ever endure.

As a child I set through many weekly sermons, one in particular lecturing on the "wisdom of Solomon" as the all wise and blessed of God. Ah, how Solomon is praised. Solomon was given the choice of any thing, yet asked for wisdom. What greater prayer could the heart of a child offer up to the Almighty God?
(The church did not elaborate on the folly of Solomon, his idolatry and fornication, nor how Solomon was judged and cursed by God. Of course not. The church has failed to teach the simplest truths to the sheep.)

Being Autistic, I spent most of my life in solitude. Alone without friends. Because I was autistic, I knew the hurt of being called "stupid" and "worthless". Though my own family was often cruel to me, God was my friend. In my isolation and in my heart I was no more than about 7 or 8 and I too wished so much to be "special" in the eyes of God, like Solomon had. Therefore, I prayed the same prayer to God, that I desired "wisdom".

Would God find such favor for a child like myself?

Though, what the preachers had failed to teach, and I had no understanding of, there was a vast difference between worldly "wisdom" and spiritual wisdom. Thus, between Solomon's worldly wisdom in contrast to the spiritual wisdom of Jesus, who was the wiser man?
I challenge the theologians and scholars to provide a concise answer to my question. Solomon's worldly wisdom was vanity and folly leading to idolatry and adultery, all of which are enmity before God and lead to the demise of Israel.

As an innocent child, I did not pray for wealth, glory, fame or selfish things Solomon was renown for but simple favor in the eyes of God. I presumed in my lack of understanding of scriptures that the "wisdom of Solomon" implied the same precious spiritual wisdom, the simplicity and contentment found in Jesus and the prophets.

777 is a true story, and will enrage the religious establishment of today as Jesus himself ignited the fury in hypocrites of his own day. It is a tale that will ignite the rage and fury of many factions of believers and non-believers alike. Nevertheless, as one of the greatest philosophers of our modern times was known to say:
"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth."
- Mahatma Gandhi

777 is real.