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777 occured through Media

777 in Media

In the previous post I provided several diagrams which show numeric patterns that count 777. I first discovered these seven year patterns in major life-changing events in 2000 when I converted to Christianity on blind faith in 2000. I was in one way, a faithful die-hard believer all along in a "greater power" (a deity). Those Christians who say that people can not know God without believing in Jesus, do not know God themselves!
I had seen evidence for the existence of a higher power, but was unsure whom or what "God" was. The majority of my life had been spent believing in a type of pseudo-Judaism (Old Testament Laws) and loss of faith and slipping into deism/paganism. Sure, the church I grew up in taught the existence of Jesus, but they taught that Protestant and Catholic faith were grounded in Paganism (i.e., the obelisk at the Vatican is an Egyptian fertility symbol) and the practice of Easter itself, rooted in early Sun worship. I even thought for a time, I believed in "Christianity" but I knew myself and the protestants had really nothing in common. I kept the Saturday Sabbath while they kept Sunday. They observed pagan holidays, and I abstained from their Easter, their Christmas and other religionized holidays rooted in ancient pagan solstice/equinox rituals. Christianity was a foreign concept. There were a few times I tried to learn something from my grandmother about her Baptist religion. It was though a light of contentment and peace illuminated from her, that I could not put my finger on, however, whatever she believed in, I was certain it gave her peace and inner-love. I concluded in my teenage mind, that whatever the truth may be about religion, God would rather we eat 1000 pork chops (a forbidden meat in Judaism and related religions) than treat our neighbors so dastardly (as I'd seen from my family battling over religion). I was forbidden to attend the Baptist church with my Grandmother, or else, there would be hell to pay.
After becoming 19 and leaving home I even attended a Holiness church, (against my parents' dogmatism and will). I called myself a Christian, but all I understood of it, was the word. I tried to assimilate what I saw other Pentecostals doing... but it never sank in fully. When they mailed a greeting card thanking me for visiting (arriving at my mother's address), my parents quickly came calling and insisting I should move back home and enroll in college. As soon as done, I was pressured back into attendance in their church which many Protestants have referred to as a bonafide cult.
I lacked understanding of what Christianity's founding principals (forgiveness through grace in the name of Jesus) were truly about and half of my ignorance about Christianity, I credit to either miseducation by the religious establishment and its failure to teach the Bible in a scholarly fashion, while the other half of my ignorance I credit to their failure to teach by example.

To make a long story short,

In 1989, I was an older teenager and had no real understanding of the power in the spirit world. I dabbled in a lot of things when I was a curious teenager. The church had glorified demons and the omnipotent "satan" all to strike fear into its followers. Along the line, I guess one could speculate I'd attracted the attention of the dark side of the force. I was a young foolish teenager in my early life and did not realize was there and fully at work in my young life. I had attracted the attention of the dark powers that be, but was blind and could not see it at the time... there were warning signs, but I did not see them, if I did, I thought they were crazy.
Back in 1989, I was "playing" around with the rock music scene (heavy metal) and being young, was against the protest of the day, anti-Censorship and the "Parents' Music Resource Center" headed up by Al Gore's wife, Tipper Gore which was seeking to label music albums that contained explicit lyrics.
It seemed like a fun idea at the time... the role of an activist. Take the most beautiful song I'd ever heard and petition for the song to be played nationwide on Thanksgiving Evening -- afterall, Thanksgiving was the national day of Thanks, for the freedoms we Americans have protected under the Constitution of the United States. Namely, our freedom of speech and it seemed as though a select group of individuals were seeking to censor that freedom.

"Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin.. the goal was to get it played across the nation on Thanksgiving Evening, 1989. How to get copies of the petition circulated? There was certainly a mailing base through MTV and rock music magazines.
I sent a copy of the petition to MTV and addresses of some rock magazines' addresses I'd purchased at local grocery stores.. I didn't see the harm in it.
Unbelievably, MTV News ran the segment without my knowledge. Suddenly, mail began pouring in from everywhere. The mail box was filled up with kids writing for a copy of the petition to distribute which I was more than happy to oblige sending.
In the midst of the letters there were fanatical Christians sending literature that I should "get saved" and threats how I'd burn in hell. I thought it was absurd. Ridiculous nonsense.
As the months passed in 1989, I saw a momentous event unfold which our church's leader had "prophecied" to unfold before the end-time apocalypse, the Berlin wall fell that same year. It was suppose to be the sign of "Nazi Germany arising and uniting with the Catholic and Protestant Church to persecute and herd Saturday Sabbath Keepers into concentration camps" (or so I was raised to believe from a lifetime of their pseudo-Judaism religious cult terror indoctrination).
I called one rock magazine in New York.. I was amazed. They'd heard of me on MTV News.. and promised they'd publish anything I wanted in the future regarding my activist work.
The Christian hate mail continued to pour in, along with requests for the petition to get Stairway to Heaven played nationwide on Thanksgiving (12, Eastern Time, 9 PM Pacific).

A brother of mine, who was older and had moved away happened to visit that Autumn in 1989. He had joined the volunteer/homeless ministry of Charles Stanley in Atlanta, Georgia and volunteering in the kitchen. According to him, he connected the dots between my activist work with Heavy Metal and what he'd heard in a sermon from Charles Stanley's ministry. My brother claimed in a sermon they'd denounced the activity as "Satan declaring himself across the nation," which was too much for me to stomach. I ignored what my brother told me as just more of the same hateful ignorance I was receiving in the mail.

Then came the crushing blow. A newspaper reporter from Myrtle Beach SC called and inquired on the petition. She asked my opinion on the "subliminal message" in Stairway to Heaven. Of course the review in the paper was negative.
By the time Thanksgiving Evening came around, I'm left to assume the Christian nation had prayed the event down to its destruction because MTV News ran another report as though nobody had ever heard of the event.
I was dumbfounded by the whole thing. So much publicity was produced by the petition on MTV and magazine coverage yet, came to a crashing halt of nothing within just a few months. Christians were afraid it was "Satan".

That was 1989.

In a few years, I was older and past my teenage R&R phase, and on to more mature themes. I won't spend a lot of time here discussing the reasons why, but will conclude with this. I began researching the rightwing Socialists, after seeing the collapse of the Berlin wall. Our church' founder "prophecied" that the Berlin Wall would fall, and it did indeed, in 1989. I feared the nazis were coming, so I managed to find a contact address in 1991. I wrote and inquired on further information. At last, I found one neo-nazi leader in Austria who didn't seem to mind personal correspondence. But his response to my questions came as a surprise. As many times as our church' leader swore "The Nazis will rise up and unite with the Catholic and Protestant Church and persecute sabbath keepers, such as the Jews and Seventh Day Adventists and others who keep God's true sabbath..." he, the neo-nazi leader in Austria informed me, he doesn't care about religion. He's PAGAN, and he believed some people "need" a religion.
It was not the response I expected or wanted to hear. After years of believing I'd be mindlessly herded into a concentration camp by fascist hoardes. But it went one further. It seemed he had a small nugget of truth in the mix, when discussing SOCIALISM (that is, leftwing socialism, or better known as the LIBERAL). What woman who wants to have the American Dream of a loyal, monogamous, faithful conservative husband hasn't heard of and dislike LIBERALS... especially the LEFTWING. Today we know more about these people. Back then, the mainstream did not.
I became curious and despite the popular hatred of "Nazis" and other extreme rightwing stereotypes, I remained in contact. Of course I didn't particularly like the ignorant, blatant racist bigotry, nor did I like the fact that many support pedophilia and polygamy. That was all beside the point, these rightwingers seemed to be against liberal broadcasters... the forces that had corrupted the national morality through perverted media. Men had became liberal... a free-for-all, no place for a nice girl to settle down and marry, as in 'til death do you part.
All I knew of love-relationships up to that point in my life was being a victim of statutory rape at around age 13, and my share of run-ins with young men who wanted to "have a good time and move on". On the contrary I wanted a stable, monogamous MARRIAGE. Therefore, feeling I'd had my youth stolen from me, by 1991, I was ready to start World War III with whatever or whomever the source of my misery was.
Socialism seemed to be the key to that answer. True, they were crawling media, government... evidently, the banks and every key position of influence and power.

In 1993, I came into contact with one named Thomas Lemke, who was on a mailing list out of Germany. Having been spoon-fed 'nazis are going to rise up and persecute and murder us sabbath keepers' since the time I was a young child, or perhaps its the photos he sent me which lead me to believe he was a conservative, perhaps it was the failure to properly judge just how dangerous people are (due to Autism which I would learn I have, in later life), perhaps for a lot of reasons, some evident to me, other reasons not so evident, perhaps it was just meant to turn out that way... but I would travel to Germany in 1994, and marry Thomas Lemke.
In 1995, I learned he was no "conservative." In fact, he was rather liberal and in his typical abusive way, assured me, that at age 27, I was somehow "too old" for the gung-ho good ole boys neo-nazis, or perhaps that was just his jealousy speaking. Whatever the case was, he was quite jealous, though it didn't prevent him from having an extra-marital affair, before, during and after our marriage with the same woman who later (in 1995-1996) would participate in his murderous rampage against... Germans.

I will not go into detail about it here, but I wanted my daughter to be there. I actually was confident that I'd found a conservative man who would settle down and make a family together. But every attempt to bring my daughter to Europe, failed. After some extended time to think about how circumstances continued to work against me, I broke down in tears and prayed about it with all sincerity why "the great spirit" was not making this happen for me. A vision came that night. I dreamed of a long white hallway, that turned left, and turned left, leading to a door. I opened the door, and walked in. It looked tidy enough, but a large snow-white colored rat attacked me, sinking its teeth and claws into me. In the dream there was also a bed nearby. I pulled the quilt from it, and covered the rat. It scurried under the quilt to find its way out. I pulled the door to shut it, but then saw in the corner of the room, my baby daughter playing next to a mirror. The dream ended with the realization, "if I go back into the room to save my baby, the rat will kill me... the loss of blood has left me too weak." But if I did not, the rat would kill my baby with little effort. It was a paradox. I had that dream in December of 1994, and it was finally interpreted in 1996 by my College Psychology professor. Explaining, the rat was a person. Its beady black eyes, its soul. The color of its fur represented deception. That it attacked me, the person would do in real life. (How I felt drained of blood, was the same that I felt during a nervous breakdown when I first saw his explosive to me, plastered on the front page of the newspaper). That I threw a quilt over the rat, was that I would outwit my enemy. And, I did. I stayed in contact with him over a number of months, long enough to gather information (letters, taped conversations he mailed to me claiming he had murdered and raped victims), photographs, et cetera, and provide it to federal investigators. And lastly, that my child was playing by a mirror, in India, (our psychology instructor's native homeland) a mirror represents "Protection". God was telling me two years earlier, that my daughter was prevented from travelling to Europe, for things I could not see, things that would come to be, to protect her from danger.

Upon learning of his adultery, upon his claims that he was being sought by police, upon his insistance that he would straighten up, quit cheating, get a stable job, I returned to the United States in March 1995. He said he would come to the United States after I returned and empty promises how we would settle down and have a normal, decent marriage and family life.

In the summer of 1995, I became employed as an Administrative Assistant while his mental condition began deteriorating. He began insisting I return to Europe. I refused. I was still sorting through the burn of realizing I had married an adulterer. I don't think it had fully sank in, until his forceful insistance I return to Europe became more and more threatening, to which I finally threatened divorce. He countered that with threats of a "war" if I wanted a divorce. He began demanding my work phone number, and I refused to give it to him. I knew he'd call 24/7 and cause me to lose my job. Things had spiralled out of control by Autumn of 1995 when he mailed an explosive and it ended up in the newspaper with a full discussion about myself as the recipient. I suffered a nervous breakdown.
By March 1996, they finally had him in custody. I had already endured months of terror by phone, by mail, and a hole ripped into my peace.

I remember that March of 1996. I had already warned him in 1995, that if he was committing adultery, "God will punish you." I believed in a "Great Spirit" who would protect and destroy my enemies -- a god without a name was how I knew the deity.
He mocked me. He seemed to feel the male gender was somehow superior to the female in some way, and genuinely believed he had a right to several women, whilst myself, was obligated to remain faithful to him, to the bitter end, even death, if I dare left him and his adultery. He scoffed that God would punish ME. I guess I was, with the way he lied to me, and he destroyed so many lives including my own. There's not a day that passes by that I do not carry the weight of the memory of his victims' lives, senselessly snuffed out. For what? His own selfish egocentric pseudo-political hysteria. I spent around a decade of my life afterward trying to make sense of the senseless and came to the conclusion, there is no logic behind a twisted mind and twisted motives.

That was 1995-1996, the lowest point ever in my life.

On to 2002. In 2000, I converted to Christianity on blind faith. I had no reason to believe, having been exposed to Atheist literature years before. Something moved on my spirit though, to accept Christianity with an open mind. I dropped out of the local churches, and began in-home study with theology books and actually reading the Bible from end to end.
I was compelled to worship alone, in the Old Testament fashion, but with only a slighter better understanding of Jesus' role in the Bible. I became dedicated to non-denominational work, namely the Bible Foundation with hopes to raise awareness for the good work they were doing. They collect old Bibles and ship them to places around the world who have none.
My work, producing crosses by recycling magazines, brought attention from area newspaper and television.

"Jesus Saves" was printed on the cross, attached to a list of the ten commandments, and awareness for the Bible Foundation at local stores, including a collection box for donations. People hanged the crosses on their rear-view mirrors, I'd send the donations to the Bible Foundation.

So there it is, the pattern of 7-7-7 that was created by media coverage :
1989... "satan" is brought low by Christian Prayers after attempts to declare himself across the nation. Seven years later:
1995-1996... living through the hell, the height of a nightmare while following "the deity". The unknown God. The Great "I am that I am". The dark side of the Force, or whatever one may call the King of the Universe. Seven years later:
2002... "Jesus Saves".


Anyone with a clue can begin seeing that GOD the Father, the Almighty is in control, not the pathetic idolatry of satan. How little power 'satan' has in this world, indeed! A few Christian prayers silenced the so-called 'declaration across a nation' as Charles Stanley's ministry put it.
And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. -Matthew 28:18
And nothing of co-rulership with a snake or dragon is mentioned. The former evolving from Egyptian polytheistic worship of beasts, and the latter evolving from Babylonian mythology, that of Marduk and his war in heaven with Tiamat the Dragon (better known as "Babylon Mystery" religion). I believe as Moses and the prophets did, centuries before God's chosen people polluted themselves with idolatry or 'satan' was ever mentioned in the books of the Bible. That is, I believe in monotheism, in ONE GOD, and none beside him.
I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. (Isaiah 45:7, KJV)
I utterly reject belief in the hebrew idolatry of the Babylonian dragon, Tiamat and the Egyptian god-snake.
I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me (Isaiah 45:5)

However, on a lighter note,

Perhaps 777 was written in the stars? Who knows?
And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years (Genesis 1:14)
777 began during Sagittarius 1989.
They were all saying "Jesus will return in the year 2000." No, Jesus did not, but that's the year I converted to Christianity (involved in another unique 777 pattern which involved spiritual transformation and journey and yes, was documented in publications).
And the big one, 2007... the year of 07/07/07, the year I reclaimed my faith after journeying among Agnostics and encounter with anti-Christ, and there are many anti-Christs.

As I speak, there's a lot of hysteria too about the world coming to an end in 12/21/12, or if you prefer 666's and 777's, then try my birthday, which like the beginning of 777 which began in Sagittarius 1989, will fall on 12/12/12.

Perhaps, as the friendly neighborhood Agnostic might say, its all merely coincidence.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Who Is The True Church of God?

I have a long story to tell and have not known precisely where to begin. I started this blog knowing I have a lifetime of experiences to share, that will undoubtedly answer many questions on what "777" means in real terms.
I remain unsure on where to begin due to past experiences with religion. If I speak the truth without clarifying some background or factual documentation, the wolves in sheep's clothing will come out of the woodwork and go on the attack (I fear) calling the truth, "the work of Satan" as they often do... as they did to Jesus.

Therefore, I have meditated at length, what should I say and how shall I say it?

My story involves around 30 years of experiences. It will be no small task to tell the tale. Though today, one small piece of the puzzle was given to me, through radio broadcasting.

As stated in my opening post, "777" is embodied in the life of a female child who is autistic. That child is now a woman, grown, but the story began when I was very young. Not even 10 years old. A prayer to God, most personal and sincerely as it was meant, that I might be as special as Solomon, and asked God for wisdom. Visions and dreams began, and signs were put before me. Harsh experience was the path that was put before me. Growing up with Autism, namely, Aspergers Syndrome, I lived my life in virtual isolation, sometimes the brunt of bullying, for starters in the hardships I faced. But I was not alone. I believed God was my friend and spent many days and weeks alone in that spiritual journey.

As the years passed by, I began to feel that something beyond, some supernatural force was trying to communicate with me. I would count .57 cents in my change. Or, waking up at 3:57 in the morning. One of my employee numbers was 1157, and another 357. Again and again, 357, sometimes 2:57 or perhaps 11:57. I knew the numbers meant "something" but was uncertain what. I questioned all who might have some connection with the supernatural from preachers and latter on, psychics. They were clueless.

It's a rather long story, but when I converted from Deism or Paganism to Christianity on blind faith in the year 2000, right before my conversion I was driving to my parents' home. I passed by an elderly man, sitting in a chair in his field planting seeds. Something in me was moved, sympathy perhaps, to turn around and at least offer to help him plant his field.

He arose from his chair and reassured me he was fine. He chatted some about himself and those he knew in the local area. Small things, and then the subject of his faith was brought up by himself. He said "God's people know each other," (implying it was why I had stopped my vehicle). Then proceeded to ramble off what seemed to be madness, "Three represents the Trinity, Five represents Guidance and Seven is the Holy Perfection of God." (Paraphrasing).

I felt I was in the presence of a man who was slightly mad in the mind. Feeling "uncomfortable" I excused myself after a short bit, but in the comfort zone of my car I could not help but to marvel how he'd read my mind and knew the number string "357" had haunted and plagued me for around a decade. I did not feel it was proof in itself of Christianity, but did find it rather odd that he specified "357" in his rambling.

Some years later, watching the movie Contact (itself a Hollywood production on the question of God's existence and the Cosmos), I finally learned what the patterns of numbers I'd been haunted by, be they 27, 1157, 357, 57, 35, or other slight variations: They are all Prime Numbers. (2,3,5,7,11). Therefore, I came to the realization they were numbers that intelligent life would use to communicate with.

There is "Intelligent Life" out there in the cosmos. It is here with us, and it is God.

I am not alone. Others have had similar experiences, counting or finding "888" (the number of Jesus in Greek text of the New Testament) and other derivatives of these mathematical spiritual enigmas. We know they mean something, but the question is "what?" We feel as though we are being communicated with by a higher power, but "whom?" God is the what and the whom.

I have finally got formal documentation of Aspergers Syndrome(a form of High functioning Autism). Just the task of getting an affirmative diagnosis from a professional has been an exhausting and dreary journey. Many professionals in the field lack the knowledge and experience to make a diagnosis, and many people are falling through the cracks which is so unfortunate for many who suffer and can not understand why they are living in nearly complete isolation, without companionship, so desperately wanting friends but incapable to make and keep them. The socialization skills that normal people take for granted, are absent in those who have Aspergers Syndrome and related conditions on the Autism Spectrum.
There were days I cried out to God, asking "Why?" had I been cursed to live in isolation without friendship, without love? No human being should ever have to endure the decades of imprisonment in solitude as I'd endured.

I did not know the term "Aspergers Syndrome" until the year 2007 when the school diagnosed it in my son. As I read on the symptoms, the more and more my life finally made sense and I had found my light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. I had dwelled in isolation for the majority of 40 years of my life, without the benefit of human companionship that others would take for granted.

Today, I was driving to the formal diagnostic testing I just spoke of which at long last verifies I have Aspergers Syndrome like my children. And normally, no, I do not tune in or listen to religious programming. Like most people my own age I listen to mainstream music. I consider myself somewhat a rebel to the status quo. However, that being as it is, something caught my attention when I turned to the broadcast. The preacher was addressing the audience in regard to moving away from the typical shallow, worldly life to making one's self vulnerable that they may share in others' sorrow and suffering.
So different from what I've grown accustomed to hearing from pulpit evangelists who appeal to the greed and self-interests of their sheep.

I found myself actually listening, and moreso, actually enjoying (deep down where it counts, in the soul) what I was hearing. All that was spoken, actually spoke to me. I was busy driving and listening, and felt prompted for a second to look at the digital clock (though the time was messed up, it was actually sometime during the 10 A.M. hour), and lo and behold, there it read: 3:57 as has often happened. I hadn't had time to look at the digital, in the midst of heavy traffic. I believe God intended me to scan for new music, just in time to hear that particular sermon, then to see that meaningful number, reaffirming it was a message, so personal to my heart. It was so unlike the usual messages the churches produce.
I made certain when the sermon was over to take down the name of the speaker and the date, to share an excerpt from the sermon.

I clipped out the most important segments.
But most important, to me, I found myself rather shocked that we have a preacher who unabashedly admits that "God sends a little cancer" or other misfortune, to sometimes teach his people compassion for the suffering of others.

Yes, "God sends a little cancer" is well said. Why does God allow suffering? As it will become known to my readers, I reject any belief in Satan due to what I have learned from theologians and scholars, through the years of events that unravelled the mystery and meaning of 777. In fact, I arrived at this conclusion after reading the Bible through several times, for instance, Satan does not reconcile well with the earlier monotheistic truth, "Isaiah 45:7 (King James Version) I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." This sacred truth of course was recorded before false priests and their idolatry hijacked the scripture.

The word "Satan" does not occur until the latter half of the Old Testament. Satan made its entry due to false prophets and myths, folk lore and fables all of which were condemned long before by the true prophets. Alas, the strange gods were given the glory, and the Monotheism of Moses was exchanged for the Polytheism of the latter day Jews, just prior to God's judgment and destruction of Israel. The first time that abominable word "Satan" is found in the concordance is in the book of Chronicles and in clear contradiction with an identical account of the numbering of Israel by the prophet Samuel which clearly states that "the anger of the Lord was kindled and moved David to number Israel". As Israel continued in its idolatry following the example of Solomon's mass polygamy, concubinage (adultery) and erecting temples to pagan gods, the more the Priests and false prophets lead the Hebrews astray, away from God and to follow after their idolatry.
And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. (Romans 1:23)
Satan, the mystery religion of Babylon with the mythological "war in heaven" between Marduk and Tiamat the Dragon, and the snake worship of Egyptian Polytheism. But how dare any should speak the truth? And pray, "Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Evil." How dare any should say we are tempted by God! Yet Jesus, the son of God did dare to utter this "blaspheme".

My story, 777, being what it is, I know the meaning of suffering and the ridicule of standing alone with only the consolation of a single truth. I suffered in isolation my entire life and I endured it ALONE. 40 years in isolation without human love or tenderness, only bitter ridicule and callous judgmental presumptions from people who did not know what Aspergers Syndrome was, how deeply it affects an individual life, therefore many Christians lacked the compassion, much less understanding of why I behaved as I did, why I was alone as I was. Even eager to condemn another Autistic person as "demon possessed". There were no "outreached Christian hands". Many individuals who genuinely are afflicted by Aspergers Syndrome, succumb to the symptom of "brutal honesty" which makes enemies. Just ask Jesus what happens to those who speak the truth.
Luke 6:26, King James Bible
Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.
For the longest time it seemed I only knew condemnation and ridicule, during the very limited times I got out and bothered to socialize. Those experiences, the "light in the darkness" that Christians are suppose to be, as I have said is a very long dreary story, but lead me to the brink where I rejected the Bible, perhaps even loss of faith in the higher power I knew as the "Great Spirit" or Deity.

I will save that story for another day. Those who wish to fully understand the mystery and truth of 777 are welcomed to read, those who prefer the fables and falsehoods of religion, then continue on your way.

These words, spoken by a Pastor by the name of David Jeremiah, I feel every person who calls themself a Christian or seeks to be one should hear.
777 - Where are the true Christians?

Jesus did not come to the millionaires. No, Jesus said it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus, though the son of God, did not choose his counterparts according to whether they wore expensive suits and ties, he travelled with simple men who were fishermen. On the contrary, was it not the same (wealthy and powerful) who murdered Jesus? Jesus went out to the sick, the poor, the fatherless, the widow and brought hope to those who endured all forms of suffering. Jesus was murdered by that same powerful and wealthy elite.
Most of what "religion" consists of in this day and age, is sheer vanity. It does not speak to the needs of the poor, downtrodden and meek, those people whom I feel at ease to call my true heart-felt "brethren". The church, as I've seen it, in all my experiences and many of those being harsh experiences, simply does not resonate with me.
They have fallen away from the truth, from the true teachings of Jesus in pursuit of their own worldly interests.

I will tell my story in the coming days, and my prayer for the envied "Wisdom of Solomon" and will tell the story too of how the greatest thing of all things in this world I was taught, greater than gold, greater than the finest things modern technology and innovation has devised, the one thing which is greater than life itself, because without it, life has no meaning. That thing is HUMAN LOVE.

For the full-length sermon by David Jeremiah visit his radio archives, dated January 31, 2011 under, Outstretched Arms: Living a Life of Community 1 Peter 3:8.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's a new day. Except for those who refuse to let go of the past.

I realize I would not be able to properly tell the story I may share here unless I can let go of the wrong done to me in my life. Forgiven, though not necessarily forgotten.
How else could what I say effectively be conveyed if spoken in an attitude of bitterness and hatred?

Sunday, January 16, 2011


How I obtained 777 was simply by the years which are marked by spiritual journey or other major life-changing events often documented by media sources. I discovered this numeric trend when I converted on a very weak faith to Christianity in the year 2000 (incidentally, when people said Jesus would return but did not). The same year of Y2K, when prophesy of doom and disaster was on everyone's lips. I was a pagan or deist in 1999, and began feeling a deep need to give Christianity the benefit of the doubt. So, with much emotonal turmoil as a hardline deist, I converted to Christianity, but not in a church. No! The churches failed miserably to answer my questions about the Bible. They avoided answering my questions. I was accused by one arrogant Sunday school teacher in particular that for asking questions and the strong compelling need to search for greater knowledge, it must be the work of demonic possession, (or considering too, Baalzebub, as Jesus was accused by the hypocrites of his day). Yes, they accuse Jesus of being an agent of Beelzebub, the prince of demons. Need it be added that for doing so, calling it "demon possession" for seeking the things of God they endangered themselves of the unpardonable sin, calling the power of God's Holy Spirit moving -- the "work of devils". However, to my own benefit the preacher of the same congregation warned me that certain individuals in the midst of the church did not take kindly to underlings like myself daring to ask scholarly questions and increasing knowledge about God and the Bible.

Alas, see John 6:45
John 6:45 It is written in the Prophets: 'They will all be taught by God.' Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him comes to me.

Hebrews 8:11 No longer will a man teach his neighbor, or a man his brother, saying, 'Know the Lord,' because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest.

All any person needs is faith in Jesus to gain DIRECT ACCESS to the audience of God, the King of the Universe. Who are all those preachers still trying to intermediate between man and God? Did not Jesus do away with the corrupt and wicked religious establishment of false priests and false prophets in his own day? The same evil priesthood who murdered the Lord. Do not follow a man. Follow Jesus.

The preacher put me into contact with a book wholesaler that dealt in seminary publications and theologian course material. I amassed a large library of reference works which would be the envy of some pastors.
Due to the ignorance and narrow minded bigoted hatred of some I withdrew from attending church. I proceeded to seek the truth solely through the name of Jesus, and God's own power to guide and teach.
The most informative education source I encountered during my first two years of study was by phone with a Messianic Jewish organization. A kind young rabbi returned my phone call from a distant city, and taught me how to use a Biblical concordance to study both Hebrew and Greek terms, for a deeper understanding of scriptures.

777 The Spiritual Journey

777 in Media
Typo: In 2002, there was no "national" news to cover my activities, but there was regional coverage in several area newspapers and one television station. The news story was of interest out on the west coast to the Biblical organization I volunteered with.

I was lead astray around 2003, quite easily, because first and foremost the church simply will not teach the hard truths of the Bible to its adherents. Period. But Atheists and Agnostics DO have prepared answers to offer skeptics and those of weak faith.

Read Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
As they were increased, so they sinned against me: [therefore] will I change their glory into shame. [New Living Translation (©2007)
The more priests there are, the more they sin against me. They have exchanged the glory of God for the shame of idols.] Hosea 4:6-7
Also this verse for good measure,
2 Thessalonians 2:10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
Another trend of sevens was captured from my journey to gain knowledge among Socialists. I kept an open mind to any truth they might share and came away understanding only these people (in their blindness) are the greatest haven for hatred of God's laws and hatred of their fellow man and woman-kind.

At the end of all these events, I was left a bruised soul.
"For in much wisdom [is] much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow." Ecclesiastes 1:18

I'm not quite certain if I should count from the day I converted to Christianity and declared myself a Christian (on blind faith) in 2000, and began a rigorous search into science and theology.
2000-2007 (Spiritual Conversion, Loss of Faith, and Re-embracing faith.)
2003-2010 (Following Anti-Christ doctrines).
All the same, I felt I was genuinely pursuing TRUTH, but was lead far away from the church (2000-2007) which no longer teaches truth! Indeed, there are many who have fallen away from teaching the truth, perhaps better known as "The Great Falling Away." What preachers learn in the secrecy of seminary is never, and will not be taught behind the pulpit for fear of offending those who prefer mythical tales over TRUTH.

Perhaps that is the spiritual journey. From 2000-2007. I re-embraced a belief in Jesus, no more certain where I was going in 2007, but I was more than certain with the tens of millions death toll racked up by Atheistic Communists, I was NOT on the side of the Atheist nor leftwing socialist.

More correctly, between 2003-2010 I was directly influenced by leftwing socialist, anti-Christian views when hooked up with a leading Agnostic who is well rehearsed in debating Creation vs. Evolution (since the 1970's) and I maintained fairly regular contact, even managing his website and blog, to the day I returned and set foot in a Christian Church (2010). Either way, these life-changing events are marked by 7 year journeys.

It wasn't overnight. Nothing happened overnight. For instance, between 1991-1998, as I researched rightwing socialists, I found myself even sympathizing with their public denouncement of leftwing, liberal media trash TV/media but all along embroiled in arguments with their tactics and political views (lack of respect for human life). After a few years around rightwing socialists I began to awaken to the realization they were certainly no "solution" to the problems in society, for they themselves are guilty of terrorism, perversion (campaigns to promote polygamy and pedophilia), drunkenness and all manner of wanton crime. Every conceivable philosophy and criminal behavior that sends across the message to uproot civilized and orderly society, the rightwing and leftwing anarchists are on the forefront promoting it.
You know it's bad when some of their own leaders were denouncing the thuggery and wanton violence of the extreme right. It's nearly impossible to tell leftist and rightist radicals apart. The majority are criminals who praise indiscriminate violence. Crime runs rampant among anti-Christian socialist radicals. The entire time I involved myself in research of the extreme right (1991-1998) I was questioning some of their authority figures "Why??" on a variety of issues, including moral ones, such as the Oklahoma City Bombing. Perhaps the leftwing socialists who've seized upon power and working toward a "global society" are corrupt, however, how does that justify the wanton slaughter of innocent children in the OKC Federal Building? Do two wrongs make a right?? The response from one of their European leadership stated to me in correspondence by snail-mail, "It was no loss. There were only minorities in the rubble." In all good conscience, at that point (around 1995) I realized "This (rightwing socialism) does NOT seem to be a viable solution to anything, but rather they are part of the Problem in society."

I have witnessed, first-hand, the casual lack of respect for human life and appalled by it.

1995 brings back memories, when I separated from my own rightwing extremist husband. Between 1995-1996 he lead his own senseless campaign of terror and brutality that finally came to a close in 1996 after his arrest. I had been terrorized for months, and after his arrest I awoke to just how ignorant... evil their wanton violence really was. His trial was concluded in 1997, and in 1998, cutting clean of all loose ends I distanced myself from their rightwing socialist sub-culture insanity. Nothing like this ever happens overnight. Such radicals have a nugget or two of truth, with many lies wrapped around them. Deceit is much more subtle and achieved over a period of months or, even years. Likewise, nobody separates themself from deceptive ideologue and religious dogma, overnight. It takes time to sort out all the broken pieces of one's life to unlearn deception, once deceived. A lot of soul-searching is involved until a person fully awakens to the deceits and distance themself from the deceivers.

The Vision of the Midnight Sun

As I stated in my last post, when I was a very young child, perhaps somewhere around the age of 7 or 8, I prayed that I too could be special to God. I prayed specifically for the wisdom of Solomon (erroneously presuming that type of wisdom were the same manner of the precious spiritual wisdom taught by Jesus). Solomon's wisdom in contrast was worldly wisdom, used for evil purposes; idolatry, fornication, adultery, wealth and earthly gain. All vanity in the eyes of God.
It was during the same time I began experiencing a strange and powerful recurring dream. The dream was disturbing, powerful, and stayed with me during my waking hours. Not a word was spoken yet I felt that I was spoken to, inwardly. I felt down deep there was a significant meaning to it.
In my vision I would awake in my sleep during the midnight hours, knowing it was the dead of night yet, light was pouring in from a light source that should not or could not by all reasonable explanations, be there.
I would arise from my bed and walk through the house. I saw my parents asleep in bed. A breeze blew through the window as though it were a hot summer's night. It seemed during one of the dreams I walked through the living room, and saw the morning hours of the clock and it were yet only the early morning hours, and still a sun (that I knew and feared should not be there) was high above in the sky.
Daring, I walked outside to look around, knowing it was midnight. I felt how the whole world around me was asleep. There were no sounds of traffic in the distance, no sounds of children playing. Everywhere it was the still and silence of night, yet everything was lit up like mid-day from the sun which was burning above.
I looked above to the midnight sun which loomed above me and felt a sense of reassurance, as though communicating with me, that I was allowed to "run and play" while the world slept in darkness. It was a frightening dream only because I knew the sun can not be high above in the dead of night.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Meaning of 777

I have decided it is time to probably tell at least some of my story. I have had strong doubts and reluctance to tell people of what I have known was true for years because...... my fear that people will not hear or see (but not for their own lack of ears or eyes). They would attack the messenger in their ignorance and hatred, but I speak the truth. I want my peace, I want for myself and my loved ones to be left alone and unharmed. I will provide an email address, and any person who wishes may contact me. I will offer my prayers to any who request it.

What is the 777 people have sensed universally is a number symbolic of holiness, foretelling something of the Anti-Christ? 777 is often inscribed as graffiti or implied as a contrasting symbol to the evil 666.
777 is used by people as though they know somewhere within, that it means something.

To simplify, the 777 is embodied in the life of an autistic child.

777 began with an autistic female child.

This truth by itself will be difficult for the establishment to accept I fear, for it will threaten those men who are renown for their mansions, luxury cars and tailor made suits and ties who acquired their wealth at the expense of the sympathies of widows and orphans, under the guise of supposedly being the "work of God". These men who deceive the masses to believe that only the priests and false prophets have a direct link to the throne of God whilst others... do not. They are wolves in sheep's clothing.

I will speak the truth as I know it. As God reveals in my heart to know the truth.

777 is Truth revealed by God, its beginning was many years ago through an autistic female child. The story I have yet to tell is true, some of which was documented in media. It is a nightmare, a journey through an earthly hell, a prison, a true story that no human being should ever endure.

As a child I set through many weekly sermons, one in particular lecturing on the "wisdom of Solomon" as the all wise and blessed of God. Ah, how Solomon is praised. Solomon was given the choice of any thing, yet asked for wisdom. What greater prayer could the heart of a child offer up to the Almighty God?
(The church did not elaborate on the folly of Solomon, his idolatry and fornication, nor how Solomon was judged and cursed by God. Of course not. The church has failed to teach the simplest truths to the sheep.)

Being Autistic, I spent most of my life in solitude. Alone without friends. Because I was autistic, I knew the hurt of being called "stupid" and "worthless". Though my own family was often cruel to me, God was my friend. In my isolation and in my heart I was no more than about 7 or 8 and I too wished so much to be "special" in the eyes of God, like Solomon had. Therefore, I prayed the same prayer to God, that I desired "wisdom".

Would God find such favor for a child like myself?

Though, what the preachers had failed to teach, and I had no understanding of, there was a vast difference between worldly "wisdom" and spiritual wisdom. Thus, between Solomon's worldly wisdom in contrast to the spiritual wisdom of Jesus, who was the wiser man?
I challenge the theologians and scholars to provide a concise answer to my question. Solomon's worldly wisdom was vanity and folly leading to idolatry and adultery, all of which are enmity before God and lead to the demise of Israel.

As an innocent child, I did not pray for wealth, glory, fame or selfish things Solomon was renown for but simple favor in the eyes of God. I presumed in my lack of understanding of scriptures that the "wisdom of Solomon" implied the same precious spiritual wisdom, the simplicity and contentment found in Jesus and the prophets.

777 is a true story, and will enrage the religious establishment of today as Jesus himself ignited the fury in hypocrites of his own day. It is a tale that will ignite the rage and fury of many factions of believers and non-believers alike. Nevertheless, as one of the greatest philosophers of our modern times was known to say:
"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth."
- Mahatma Gandhi

777 is real.